It has been a few weeks since I left Instagram and it has been filled with productive things. I reached out to both the Bucks County Historical Society and the AARK Animal Rehab outside Doylestown. I want to utilize my artistic skills to help fundraise for organizations I dig so I have been making coloring posters for these groups with images I drew.
I did some drawings of Fonthill, Mercer Museum, and am working on a Moravian Tile Works image right now. Here is a Fonthill being printed. I gave the first runs to each organization to auction and will be selling these online. 
So got that ball rolling and also touched base with the League of Women Voters about Ye Olde Adventures and the Voter Registration drives. I have a meeting with someone tomorrow and hopefully they will be on board. This is going to be a two pronged approach. Weekly events at night life venues and then these weekend shows at locations tbd. So the goal is always registering voters but educating them in a fun and interesting way is also a goal. The weekly things will be themed adventures depending on the issue and a rotating game of throws game show. I am looking for spots in each of the county seats surrounding Philadelphia. Doylestown, Norristown, West Chester and Media. The weekend events will be tbd since that is all in the beginnings stages of development. These weekly things i can start immediately and hopefully they spring board into these bigger events in the spring. I am thinking regional theatres like Dutch Country Players, Bucks County Playhouse and Peoples Light to name a few. 
Personally, I am trying to keep busy and not succumb to the winter blues. I find myself alone most of the time and so i drive around crying. I guess it is better than laying around crying but I'm sure this too shall pass eventually. The days are getting longer which is awesome. 




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