Trip to the Big Apple

Impromptu trip to NYC to stay with a friend in Brooklyn.
I am a day man so I ended up falling asleep sitting up every night. As he would fall a sleep I would rise, so I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday slacking in the city. Friday I set up on the roof but it was so cold!
That night I went out to St. James (?) to take a trick line class at my friend Max Marsh's class at Apex Athletics. Controlled environments are the best for learning (See Woodward) and I just wish it wasn't 5 hours away.
Saturday I set up at this little park right off the Highline Park.
It was a little chilly but the west side sunset warmed my bones.
Sunday I set up at 11th St. and West St. in the Hudson River Park.
It was such a great view and perfect for a little slacktivities.
I was there for a few hours and some folks stopped to try and even met some random Plattyslackers!
And then the park police gave me the boot, per usual when it is just too perfect and too much fun. They were cool and could have kicked me out the first of three times they rolled by but add it to the list of places to free the slack!
That night I saw my favorite band Dynamo at the Rockwood Music Hall downtown.
The stage was so small but the music so awesome! I wrote a play based on their album Find Your Way, go buy it then read the dance concert/play and when prompted play the songs.
Here is a little slide show video...

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