About Us

Adventures of Ye Olde Imagination Inc.

Nonprofit Experiential Theater Troupe


To provide access to the performing arts through experiential theater


The mission of Adventures of Ye Olde Imagination Inc. is to take the worlds of fantasy and live action roleplaying and create one of a kind theater experiences that take the audience on a journey through the infinite creativity of the human imagination. Spanning the multiverse, the story is truly never ending and can be crafted and customized to fit any size occasion and venue. We will be a vehicle for helping other nonprofits fundraising and each year profits will be donated to a new nonprofit.


Similar to a repertory theater troupe, Adventures of Ye Olde Imagination Inc. will have a core group of storytellers whose versatility in all manner of performing arts will be critical to create a wide variety of experiences. Mixing circus, improv, LARPing and the spectacle of professional wrestling, and seasonal experiences like haunted houses etc.; the experiences will test the audience in all manner of ways. Brute strength and agility, mental challenges and puzzles as well as head to head battles will all be governed by probability. Storytelling and creating seasonal adventures that can have an element of continuity while changing with the times and geography. Sponsorships, tournaments and trials, and extended campaigns will all play a role in advancement and marketing. There are many ways to utilize multiple revenue streams including merchandise to both cover our operating costs and raise money for different charities. Creating a franchise to cover different regions will create a network of experiential entertainment that can create a magical fabric of enjoyment to help those in need across the land.

Action Plan

  1. Form Nonprofit incorporation and recruit founding board.

  2. Hire Executive Director and Artistic Director

  3. Create 5 year strategic plan.

  4. Create the first three years artistic plan, marketing and advancement campaigns including selecting the first three nonprofit recipients of any profits.

  5. Plan the first years itinerary and performance locations, initially local to Philadelphia and her suburbs.

  6. Hire operational support staff.

  1. Implement first year artistic plan, hire production staff, audition and hire performing artists and story tellers.

  2. Off season refinement and review to better serve our clientele, in the third year the next three seasons will be planned.

  3. The fifth year, the board and key staff will create the next five years strategic plan.

Why we need you

If you are reading this, you are already someone we think can contribute something special. Whether it is a unique skill, storytelling ability, or a hoard of riches to be plundered. You may be an organization who has a connection to the performing arts, the role-playing community, industry or creative influencer. You may be none of those things but a person who digs what we are trying to do. Whether it is performer, patron, production or active participant, we seek folks who can see the dream and help us make it reality. Fun above all, we want to create experiences that cannot be experienced behind a screen but must bring folks together to interact and spend time in our imaginary world brought to life.


In conclusion, we hope to be an organization that values diversity, equity and inclusion. The true strength of America is our ability to combine and mix to create something new and unique. We strive to build a better future and utilize our story telling to instill these core values of selflessness, cooperation, kindness and love. Saving the world is not an outcome but a process. A process that never ends and musty be constantly managed. We cannot change the past but we can provide for the future.


Adam Foizen