I left Facebook a year ago, and today I am leaving Instagram. I haven't written a post on here since 2016 and much has happened in the ensuing years. I have acquired resources that have created the makings of a life. One of those is a Master of Science in Performing Arts Leadership and Management from the Conservatory at Shenandoah University. That chapter ended last spring and I had been applying for jobs out west to no avail. I was living status quo, working at the Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum, waiting for something. 

That something was unexpected and shitty. My uncle passed away unexpectedly in August and he was my 92 year old grandmothers care taker. For my whole life my Gma was a villain in my experience and she was Trumplandia personified. My Uncle nurtured it and he was her favorite. My family had a strained relationship because my mom married a foreigner. My whole life it was eggshells and watching my mom suffer her own mother. I was the last person you would expect to come to her aid. Life always finds a way to simultaneously bless you and kick you in the balls. My mom asked if I could come and be the night watchmen and caretaker of the house and grounds. My shift is 11pm-7am but it isn't like third shifts usually are because usually she is sleeping. This is not a restful sleep but on guard. 

I agreed sight unseen and when I arrived I was greeted with a hoarding situation that was really overwhelming. In situations like that you gotta just take it one step at a time and work it incrementally. So I left Virginia and returned to the place I grew up, a place I never thought I would live again. There was a lot of pain and bad memories, but also my family and people I love that I see more often. I have a lot of free time and so I have set my sights on a new thing, but it's actually the culmination of years of work. I am utilizing my resources to create a vehicle for do gooding called Adventures of Ye Olde Imagination Inc., a nonprofit experiential theater troupe. It is the love child of Riggtown Revitalization and Radical Recreations...two things which have been my life for a long time. I have a business action plan in the about us section so check it out if you want to know details. 2020 is all about voter registration and voter education. I want to try to get 100% eligible and first time voter turnout for PA. I am trying to link up with the league of women voters org to both fundraise for them and do these voter registration drives (these are theatrical performances which are participatory and immersive) I have reached out but I am just a guy so still waiting to hear back...













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