Time and Space

 I kinda left the last one off on a low note so we are gonna make our way back to tonic. Music to me is the greatest joy. It has brought me such therapeutic benefits. Driving around listening to music down back roads enables me to think, sometimes about ideas and sometimes about sad stuff. This is not a tale of woe, however, but a gospel. Saving the world is a process not an outcome, and ideas are always the start of the process, unless you consider the problem the start. Having a problem to solve is such a great way to focus creative energy. So a long time ago I figured a couple ways that I could personally affect the world in a positive way. Each thing failed collectively at first but then over the years I persisted in being a loon working at these ideas in little ways. Time and space are fundamental and management of those two elements make any new venture uncertain. The time was not right or you were not in the right place. Failure begins when you give up, although embarrassment stings start to finish. 

Driving around I always have good ideas about what I am going to write when I get on here but then I start judging it and trying to shape what this public narrative is gonna be. So I think I should utilize this like a time capsule to save things I think should live on in the interwebs.

I. Community Support Service

So this was one of the first programs I thought up those many years ago and I still see it as a good idea to bring into the world. Here's how it would work:

Nonprofit organization similar to nursing aides but care takers. These individuals would live in with elderly residents and enable them to stay in their home. As caretakers, they take care of the house and are there overnight. Not only would this enable a better way forward, it is the only way really. There are not enough beds in nursing homes and folks are getting older. There is already a shortage of nursing aides and this program would be in conjunction with better funding overall for elder care and retirement. Examples of participants would be college students and non traditional students, veterans, single folks who give a shit.  So these people would be phase one. Then from there you branch it out to a helping hand service employing high school students. This would be like work study and basically do yard work, light painting, etc. for elderly and disabled residents who are still able but need a helping hand. So this is what I am doing literally with my grandmother so the beta testing is in progress. 











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